Sunday 11 April 2021  IST

Office of The Development Commissioner (Handlooms)

Ministry of Textiles

Udyog Bhavan, New Delhi - 110011

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Serial No.AwardsView
1 Delegation of administrative powers to DCHL for RRs View    (Size: 0.04 MB)
2 Delegation of financial powers for medical claims View    (Size: 0.04 MB)
3 Orders for RTI and Appeal Coordination View    (Size: 0.05 MB)
4 Brief case/bag purchase order View    (Size: 0.04 MB)
5 Linking handlooms with Fashion View    (Size: 0.05 MB)
6 Liaison Officer for OBC View    (Size: 0.03 MB)
7 Availability of various form on website of Handlooms View    (Size: 0.03 MB)
8 Weeks Roaster of Duty for two weeks View    (Size: 1.66 MB)
9 Selected List of Toshali craft Mela at Bhubaneswar, Odisha from 21st Jan to 04 th Feb,2021 View    (Size: 0.89 MB)
10 Link officers for Assistant Directors View    (Size: 0.04 MB)
11 Delegation of powers to Head of Department for contingent and misc expenses View    (Size: 0.05 MB)
12 Placement of funds with CGTMSE for meeting the Guarantee Fee(GF)/Annual Service Fee(ASF) requirements in respect of loans sanctioned by Member Lending Institutions (MLIs) of CGTMSE to Handloom Weavers and covered under Credit Guarantee Scheme View    (Size: 1.53 MB)
13 Correction in Para-X of the Guidelines for issuance of Weavers’ Credit Card View    (Size: 0.04 MB)
14 Inclusion of "Cooperative Banks & Regional Rural Banks" as Implementing Agency for accessing Institutional Credit to Individual Weavers View    (Size: 0.04 MB)
15 Delegation of Financial Powers to the HODs under the Office of DC(Handlooms) View    (Size: 0.05 MB)
16 Bunkar-Mitra Initiative View    (Size: 0.08 MB)
17 India Handmade Bazaar View    (Size: 1.89 MB)
18 order rti english View    (Size: 0.04 MB)
19 order rti hindi View    (Size: 0.04 MB)
20 Revised guidelines for allotment of Stalls in Various handloom expo/events View    (Size: 0.27 MB)
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