The following committees constituted by NCTD are operational:
            A.     Governing Committee
            B.    Selection Committee
            C.    Operational Cell

A. Governing Committee

The Governing Committee has been constituted vide Order dated March 23, 2001 and subsequently expanded vide Order dated April 18, 2001 under the Chairmanship of Minister of State for Textiles with a view to review the activities of the NCTD. The composition of the committee is as follows:
1.     Minister of State (Textiles),                            Chairman
2.    Secretary (Textiles),                                         Vice-Chairman
3.    Development Commissioner (Handlooms)    Member
4.    AS & FA, Ministry of Textiles                            Member
5.    Development Commissioner (Handicrafts)    Member
6.    Director General, NIFT                                      Member
7.    Senior Director, NHHM                                     Member
8.    President/Chairperson, Crafts Council of India Member
9.    Sh. Dashrath Patel, Designer                             Member
10.  Ms. Mona Gupta, Designer                                Member
11.  Sh. Sudhir Prabhakar Ghate                              Member
12.  Sh. Martand Singh                                                Member
13.  Ms.S.Aparna, Jt.Dev.Commissioner(HandLoom), Member-Secretary

B.Selection Committee

Selection Committee has been constituted vide Order dated November 29, 2000 and subsequently expanded vide Order dated July 16, 2001 under the chairmanship of Development Commissioner for Handlooms to select the textile designs for putting up on the website of the National Centre for Textile Design Handlooms. The composition of the committee is as follows:-

1.Development Commissioner (Handlooms)                            Chairman
2.Development Commissioner (Handicrafts),New Delhi         Member
3.Executive Director, NID, Ahmedabad,                                    Member
4.DG, NIFT, New Delhi                                                                 Member
5.HoD, Textile & Design Dept., NIFT, New Delhi                      Member
6.4 Zonal Directors, WSCs                                                          Member
7.Sh. Rahul Jain, Designer                                                           Member
8.Ms. Ritu Kumar, Designer                                                         Member
9.Sh. Rakesh Thakore, Designer                                                Member
10.Ms. Gopika Nath, Designer                                                    Member
11.Textile Commissioner, Mumbai                                             Member
12.Executive Director, AEPC, New Delhi                                  Member
13.Executive Director, HEPC, Chennai                                     Member
14.Executive Director, India Silk Export                                     Member
        Promotion Council, Mumbai
15.Executive Director, Powerloom Development                     Member
        & Exports Promotion Council, Mumbai
16.Executive Director, Wool & Woollen Export                         Member
        Promotion Council, New Delhi
17.Secretary, JMDC, Kolkata                                                     Member
18.Managing Director, NEHHDC, Shillong                               Member
19.Managing Director, HHEC, New Delhi                                Member
20.Ms. Monika Correa, Designer                                              Member
21.Ms. Aditi Ranjan, Designer                                                   Member
22.Ms. Romanie Jaitly, Designer                                              Member
23. Ms. Reena Singh, Designer                                                Member
24.Ms. Neeru Kumar, Designer                                                Member
25.Ms. Shreela Debi, Designer                                                Member
26.Sh. Sunil Das, Designer                                                       Member
27.Ms. S. Aparna, Jt. Development                                         Member-Convener
        Commissioner (Handlooms)Convener

C. Operational Cell

The Operational Cell has been constituted vide Order dated August 4, 2000 under the chairmanship of Development Commissioner for Handlooms to finalize the details of activities for holding a series of specialized exhibition on continuous basis and also to give design inputs and regular guidelines to identified weavers for product development. The composition of the Cell is as follows:
1.        Development Commissioner (Handlooms)        Chairman
2.        Senior Director, NHHM                                         Member
3.        Ms. Monika Correa, Designer                              Member
4.        Ms. Aditi Ranjan, Designer                                    Member
5.        Ms. Romanie Jaitly, Designer                                Member
6.        Ms. Reena Singh, Designer                                   Member
7.        Sh. Rakesh Thakore, Designer                             Member
8.        Ms. Neeru Kumar, Designer                                  Member
9.        Ms. Shreela Debi, Designer                                  Member
10.     Sh. Sunil Das, Designer                                         Member
11      Sh. R. Kumar, Director, WSC, Delhi                     Member
12      Sh. B.P. Sarkar, Director, WSC, Guwahati         Member
13       Sh. Y.M. Sonkusaley, Director, Mumbai             Member
14       Sh. V. Rajendran, Director, Chennai                   Member
15.      Ms. S. Aparna, Jt. Development                         Convener
                Commissioner (Handlooms)