National Centre for Textile Design (formerly known as National Design Centre) has been set up to promote traditional and contemporary designs so as to be responsive to the rapidly changing market demand, thereby providing adequate growth opportunity to the Textile Industry and in particular to the Handloom Sector. 


a) To link all persons belongings to the Textile Industry with developments in each others' fields. 

b) To give weavers, workers and designers greater exposure and access
to national and international markets thereby giving them a better livelihood and avenues for more sustainable development. 

c) This is to be achieved by : 

i. Inviting designs from weavers, textile designers etc. and digitally displaying them in the NCTD. This will facilitate them to sell their designs to a wider and more discerning clientele. 

ii. Feedback on designs and its sales will enable a better and timely response to market requirements. 

d) To provide trends, forecast and data to better equip the industry to function in amarket oriented economy. 

The objectives of NCTD will be achieved through the following :

a) On-line activities, 

b) Off-line activities, 

c) Infrastructural logistics. 

(a) On- Line Activities

i. NCTD has been envisaged as a seamless movement. It has been recognized that mere quality of product will not be sufficient to succeed in acut throat, competitive market with many diverse, often contrary and rapidly changing dimensions. The key is to be able to anticipate market needs where information and its dispersion will be the crux. 

ii. The humble but principle drivers of this industry i.e. the weaver, mill / hand etc. do not have the financial or social facilities either to travel to access data or to interact with other players for this purpose. Governmental intervention is therefore, crucial to setting up facilities which can do all this. 

iii. In the textile industry where anticipation to change is what keeps one ahead speed and reach are of essence. 

iv. Most of NCTD's activities will be therefore articulated through its web site called "".

Activities :- 

1. Providing Indian and international design and colour forecasts for apparels and home furnishings. This will be provided twice a year just ahead of the spring-summer and fall-winter collections. 

2. Host a design pool whereby any interested person may submit a design for exhibition and sale through the net. 

3. Database : Essentially an electro "yellow pages". It will contain a compiled and consolidated database of addresses and contact persons connected with all sectors of the textile industry. This will facilitate access to relevant information at one place thus cutting down on time and cost. 

4. Virtual museum of heritage textiles : This will be a cyber museum of textiles down the ages, which will be sourced through research, documentation and collections. This section will enhance awareness of Textiles. 

5. Hand crafted fabrics from India : This will provide assistance on surface embellished, painted and printed textiles through information and updates. 

b) Off-Line Activities

i. Exhibitions on sustainable basis to provide a platform for exposure and to generate publicity. 

ii. Legal cell : With the WTO regime becoming a reality in 2004, the garment and textile industry will need to be protected through diverse legal instruments on patents, copy right, non-tariff barriers, anti-dumping etc. Since this is a cutting edge field, the Legal cell will be set up to provide factual information on newly emerging laws and procedure, as well as in areas of information technology like site security, pass word protection etc. 

Schedule of Charges

The schedule of charges for registration as member is as follows :- 

i. 50 hrs or 3 months, whichever is earlier---Rs 1,500/- 

ii. 200 hrs or 12 months, whichever is earlier---Rs. 3,000 

Address of NCTD 


National Centre for Textile Design 

Handloom Pavilion, Near Gate No. 1, 

Pragati Maidan, Bhairon Marg, 

New Delhi-110001