Saturday 8 May 2021  IST

Trade Facilitation Centre & Craft Museum(Handlooms)

Ministry of Textiles

Udyog Bhavan, New Delhi - 110011

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  (a)   Trade Facilitation Centre:
  •  An innovative facility to provide marketing support to weavers and artisans of Varanasi in national & international markets.
  • Effective management of supply chain between foreign buyers and domestic retailers.
  • Enabling environment & platform showcasing Brand India Handlooms & Handicrafts.
 (b)   Crafts Museum:
  • To preserve, revive and promote research in handlooms & handicrafts of Varanasi region.
  • Linking promotion of handlooms and handicrafts with domestic and international tourism.

Proposed facilities:

(a)   Trade Facilitation Centre:
  • One stop marketing platform for buying & selling, Convention Centre, Exhibition halls and meeting rooms.
  • Trade facilitation advisory services especially export procedures, legal and regulatory requirements, handloom mart etc.
  • Video conferencing & audio visual including touch screen.
  • Marts / Kiosks for   sellers/artisans.
   (b)   Crafts Museum:
  • Demonstration of handloom weaving & handicraft techniques.
  • Display galleries.
  • Cultural / musical performances on Varanasi tradition for tourist interest.
    (c )   Other infrastructure
  • Food court specializing in Varanasi region specialties, chaat, sweets, paan etc.
  • Fine Dining Restaurants.
  • Dormitories /Stay places for expert guests and artisans.